Since 2003, Agave Home Stagers, LLC has  been providing home staging services to Valley homeowners and local  Realtors to assist in preparing their homes for faster sale.

As  a Realtor, Sandy recognizes the benefits of knowledge and experience  when it comes to selling a home. So often, unstaged properties sell for  less, not because the value of the property was not there, but because  the home was not presented with the buyer’s eye in mind. Typically, 4  out of 5 buyers can’t see how a home could look, only how it looks now.  Sellers needed help, Agave Home Stagers provides that much needed  guidance and experience to get top dollar for your home.  

Agave  Home Stagers, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality of  service with every customer. We understand your needs, and want to help  you reach your goal of selling your home/property in the shortest amount  of time for the highest amount possible.

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